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"Woodbury Public Library is excited to be offering Letters Are Characters this year. We will run a 26-week long program, acting, singing and reading our way through the alphabet. The parent book is easy and quick to read and gives the presenter all the information they need to add a little skit to their story time introducing the letter of the week. Letters Are Characters videos also give guidance and confidence to presenters: Yes, I can do this. Yes, we will have fun.  Children will be using the Letters Are Characters coloring book to create their own letter characters each week. Using email materials and videos provided by Letter Are Characters we will encourage parents to read along and make time for playing with their letter dough each week between our Zoom gatherings. This is a fun and intentional program. You will be giving children a solid foundation of pre-reading skills and learning tips and techniques that will no doubt filter into all future story times."


The program is working well for the libraries that are using it.  You have the option of including video clips in your emails to participants.  I have a video of a talk that is quite similar to the Connecticut Library Association talk that you may have tattended.  It has been well received by parent participants.  One parent wrote:


"Good morning Caroline.  I just watched your video.  It was so fascinating.  The personification of the letters in the video was brilliant and so engaging.  I can't wait to dive into the book.  It really struck a nerve for me because my son definitely experienced these issues with his self-esteem so I could resonate 110%.  It is so painful for a child."   


The kit contains the book (that you can recirculate to repeat the program), a coloring book and crayons and letter dough powder (optional).  I share my contact information so that if any participants have questions they can call or email.  I provide text for weekly emails that you can send to guide participants.


If kids are remote or in school, the need for parents to understand reading in order protect kids, remains constant to ensure that they don't suffer and read to their highest potential is the same.  


I hope that you will consider the program for your library.  The kit costs between $35 and $55 depending on inclusions and comes ready to go.  


Call or email me if you are interested (860-482-7181,  The turn around time on book orders is a little longer because of Covid, so the sooner you place your order the better. 


Pictured below Diane Antezzo, Ridgefield Library, receiving her Letters are Characters kits.