Pre-School Use

“Letters are Characters is a fun and engaging program that helps teach young children their letters and letter sounds while also giving parents the confidence to help prepare their children for school. We have used the curriculum in the school, as teachers, and have also used it to assist parents in implementing it at home. It has been an instrumental addition to our classroom and school community as a whole.” 
- Sara Schuch, Director, School on the Green  
"Many of our parents were happy to participate in the program at home and help support their child's early literacy development. This school-to-home connection helped us realize, as a school district, how important it is to foster a relationship with various stakeholders at the preschool level - families, teachers, and librarians, for example. Parents were highly engaged and expressed that they looked forward to the weekly multisensory activities as well as the information shared about the science of reading development. "
- Pam Vecca, Region 6
"Dr. Wilcox Ugurlu has made the science of early reading instruction - which IS rocket science – accessible to everyone. This parent-friendly program presents the current research about early reading acquisition and provides step-by-step instructions for supporting any young child’s literacy development. The Letters are Characters activities are engaging and play-like, while incorporating research-based methods. A wonderful resource for parents!"
—Sara Reynolds, Elementary Reading Specialist, Torrington School District

Library Use

"Woodbury Public Library is excited to be offering Letters Are Characters this year. We will run a 26-week long program, acting, singing and reading our way through the alphabet. The parent book is easy and quick to read and gives the presenter all the information they need to add a little skit to their story time introducing the letter of the week. Letters Are Characters videos also give guidance and confidence to presenters: Yes, I can do this. Yes, we will have fun.  Children will be using the Letters Are Characters coloring book to create their own letter characters each week. Using email materials and videos provided by Letter Are Characters we will encourage parents to read along and make time for playing with their letter dough each week between our Zoom gatherings. This is a fun and intentional program. You will be giving children a solid foundation of pre-reading skills and learning tips and techniques that will no doubt filter into all future story times."
"I have been planning and hosting events at the library for over 15 years, I have to say this is one of the most successful series we have ever had and I am delighted with the participation and outcomes! As a parent, I cannot say enough good things about Letters Are Characters and I love having shared this experience with you." Jess at the Torrington Library


"Sometimes in life we never know the impact we have on others. I wanted to send a quick email to thank you for having a positive impact on my daughter.
My daughter is dyslexic and therefore writing is a struggle for her. We worked with her using your "Letters are Characters" book at a young age. It clicked for her and she truly enjoyed learning with it. 
She has since taken to making comic books. She is now 6 years old. She set a goal for herself to write a full comic book series and put it on kickstarter. She created characters, Dino Heroes. And after 13+ months has achieved her goal.
As a father I wanted to personally thank you for the support presented in your book. While my wife and I are both educators we focus on higher level science and not foundations of learning to read, especially with a dyslexic learner. You have made a HUGE difference in her world.
We would be honored if our story inspires others that struggle with reading/writing disabilities. It was a difficult road but the hard work and love for learning paid off. She now LOVES to be creative and put the pencil to paper. We want other people to know that they should keep trying and never give up. (by no means it is easy)
You are welcome to use our story.
Thank you!
Hello, Caroline.
"Thank you so much! We have really enjoyed this program and it has given us something fun to do every day. Recently one of my high school students asked me, “How do people learn to read?” and I was able to explain it to him because of what I learned from you. Thank you so much for your work and for bringing this program to our community. I will pay it forward!
Kali Blakeslee and family" 

"Letters Are Characters is a creative, fun and imaginative way for kids to learn their letters. When my son made his letters they were his own and he remembered them. Books, videos, magnets, added little value to his learning, but building them and connecting letters to personalities made a huge difference in his learning on his path to phonetic awareness and reading."

"Life has been non-stop since I saw you. You gave me a great starting point with Til. I finally learned that Til loves 3D more than 2D and really can see it with the modeling clay and foam letters. Til and I went to the Stowell Learning Center outside of LA at the end of August. Til was great and held up really well with a half day of assessment and 4 days of 4 hours of training. I would like to connect with you sometime this month and go into further detail of what I learned. The actual learning of the letters and phonetics is very similar to what you have suggested but not nearly as creative. Til creates his own letters and they are his own (with Letters are Characters). (Til has been diagnosed with 3 kinds or Dyslexia which when combined is called, DYSNEMKINPHONEIDESIA.)"
"My 3 year old son and I worked with Dr. Caroline last winter for a couple of sessions. We both got so much out of it. We still play helpful learning games, especially in the car, that she taught us.  Teaching your child to read can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences. Dr. Caroline helps parents equip their child using different modalities to help them learn. I'm looking forward to the upcoming sessions with her.
"Hi Dr. Ugurlu,

I met you and bought your Letters Are Characters book at the movie showing with Harvey Hubbell several months ago. My 7 year old son is dyslexic and I also have an almost 5 yr old daughter, Ada, who just started Kindergarten. I began using your book with Ada and learning the letters and she loved all the characters. Her favorite part was learning their favorite foods :) We worked hard over the summer (while my son was receiving Wilson tutoring, I would work with Ada) and she now knows all the letter-sound relationships. We have moved on to blending CVC words and she is doing great. I am thinking about introducing blends to her next and then maybe diagraphs. I'm thinking of purchasing the Wilson letter/magnet squares to work with her more easily (we use magnets on the fridge now).

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a wonderful book you have written. I wish I lived closer so we could attend your programming at the library (we live in East Lyme), but I am so glad I bought your book that evening. Thank you for all the research you put into writing it and developing the program. Now that I have done so much research on my own, I can fully appreciate what you have written and how you have laid it out. Just wanted to send you a note of encouragement and thanks for all you do to help children (and moms) like us!"

"I wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I are enjoying your book and activity suggestions.  She has really taken to the personalities and playful aspect of Letters Are Characters. I've taught middle school English for years, but I wasn't sure the best way to teach reading to my 4 year old, so I really appreciate what you are doing for us.
I wanted to let you know that my daughter said that Samantha is reading above grade level and at the top of her class in reading and decoding.  She's looking at buying your book for her good friend's son. She is really appreciative of the time you put in with Samantha and your methodology.

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your help and wonderful suggestions for helping Madison with her reading! It was hard to see her stuck and not knowing how to give her the help she needed.  After meeting with you about some strategies and different things to try her reading and confidence grew overnight! Your book coupled with the letters are characters sessions/program at the library was instrumental in getting her up to grade level expectations.
While the lessons in school were helping her in reading, she really needed something a little extra and different from the way she was being taught in the classroom as she was struggling and getting frustrated which only made her want to read less.  Tapping the word out and stretching the words on her arm was exactly what she needed.  I will never forget after attending your session at the library, she said “mommy, each letter has its own sound in the word”! I never would have known that is what she was stuck on had it not been for your book and instruction.  Once she figured that out and used the characters in your book and techniques, she quickly progressed through the reading levels at school and actually enjoyed it!

A Mom"
"I believe you developed a great program to help children become better readers. I wish more children in underserved communities could take advantage of The Letters are Characters Program available in the library.
" – what a pleasure to go through your brilliant book/ program.  It’s magnificent!  SO well researched and presented.  It’s revolutionary – a transformational literacy program and – a parenting guide as well!  Your gentle and joyful spirit are evident on every page.  My takeaway – teaching your child to read should be FUN and it can be now!  Parents need to be patient and kind!  And fierce advocates for their children!  And now they have the tools to do so – thanks to you! I love how each section incorporates a concept, has helpful tips for parents, links to other resources, and a good bit of fun and humor!  Amazing."
"Hi Caroline!
The kids are doing great. Both Aurelian and Athena are amazing readers! Athena just turned 5 in Jan and she is really something else. She still uses all the things you showed her in the program to help her with her letters and sounds. That was such a great experience being part of that group! It's awesome to see Julius who is 3 1/2 doing the same things. 

Thanks, Mike"
"We had a busy weekend down in Mystic to celebrate our son’s fifth birthday... We had a lot of fun looking for different letters on the drive down and playing I spy for letters while we were walking around Mystic. It is amazing to see how many different letters and words Clark can recognize by sight. At the aquarium, Clark was able to identify so many letter sounds of the different sea life such as P is for penguin. This is directly because of some of our conversation we’ve had about the book/program. We are starting to really see the positive effects of just a few weeks of this program. I’ll send some pictures as soon as I can. I hope you have a great day!"
"I'm doing Letters Are Characters with my 3, 4 and 6 year olds.  It is fun to watch my oldest teach and help his younger sisters.  I'm amazed at how their brains remember so many of the characters and not a day goes by that they aren't singing the LAC song, it's so sweet!"
Kali and Clark (4)

From Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars
"Informative, playful, and compassionate reading program." November 12, 2019

"Letters Are Characters is an outstanding reading program for parents, teachers, and all caregivers to use with their children. Dr. Ugurlu has made the complexities of learning to read much easier in this creative and imaginative program. She gives the letters unique personalities and favorite foods which my daughter loves! This and other activities in the book, such as the letter song and forming letters with playdough, have all helped my daughter to remember her letters and their sounds. It is amazing and exciting to watch her learn and retain her new knowledge!"

"Reading provides a huge piece of the foundation for academic, social, and emotional skills our children will acquire and need as they grow. Reading is key for learning in all subject areas and it is essential for developing confidence and independence. Dr. Ugurlu's book is something we all need to ensure our children have the building blocks to become happy, engaged, and critical readers."

"Letters Are Characters is a wonderful resource to have at home and in school to help kids on their reading journey. It is an informative, compassionate, and memorable program which I highly recommend!"
"We're taking our time going through the program with Julius being 3 years old. He loves his special time with his letters and I already see him attaching the sounds of the letters with other words he knows. Also working with Playdoh and coloring helps his motor skills even more. Awesome to see!"
Hi Dr. Caroline!
My son Benjamin loved doing the Letters are Characters program and I feel confident he will excel this year in Pre-k 4 because of it.  
Thank you for the opportunity to do this program again!
Hello Caroline,
I am excited to own my very own Letters are Characters book. It is amazing that Vale is already spelling one syllable words. She spends the whole day stretching out words to hear the phonemes. She has moved on from the beginning letter and now emphasizes the ending of words. 
I have recently compiled a few resources for spelling which I will use to work with my eldest on her spelling. She has great reading comprehension but struggles with writing words correctly. I have been discouraged this past year, fearful that I was unable to help her. Now I am confident and looking forward to the summer when we delve deep into spelling basics. I think it will be a cohesive experience for both girls as they will both be working with words and letters. I plan to purchase letter stamps and a set of wooden reading blocks to fulfill the kinesthetic and artistic side of their learning. I am very inspired. 
I can not express enough my gratitude for this program. Your program brings back joy and child-based learning. I will certainly be sharing this knowledge with the Mom's I know.

5.0 out of 5 stars
"The science of reading in an innovative, fun and effective program for children." July 4, 2019

"Dr. Wilcox Ugurlu has created an innovative and fun program for both caregivers and children. She presents current research and best practice recommendations in a user-friendly format, demystifying how reading occurs in the brain. She addresses the important topic of reading instruction practices in the schools and presents evidence in support of systematic, explicit instruction, which is crucial for ALL readers. With the information presented, caregivers will be able to advocate for and support their child's early literacy development. Most importantly, my daughter loved this program and it was an essential first step on her journey to becoming a proficient reader. I whole-heartedly recommend the Letters are Characters program for teachers, caregivers and those looking to learn more about the science of the reading process. It is a wonderful resource!"

5.0 out of 5 stars
"Easy at home curriculum that’s fun and engaging!" May 6, 2019

"Highly recommend book to help start your child to learn letters and their sounds in a fun way. This book hasn’t only helped my two children ages 2 and 4 but has helped me to work with them in a way they can understand. You will fall in love with each letter’s character as they have their own personality that makes them so fun and engaging!
I’m a firm believer that learning starts at home, this book will give you the keys to do just that!
Thank you again for all of your help! Your book gave Madison the confidence and the tools she needed to become a better reader."